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Posted by Shushan (Guest) - Sunday, September 12 2004, 4:26:01 (CEST)
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look nobody
i have no idea who you are and you are acting like you know me and could tell me to put my money where my mouth is... i just read a couple of posts by you here that tells me nothing of you to respect and i don't respect a complete stranger telling me to put my money where my mouth is and telling me i have done nothing to stop abortions... i hvae done things in my own way by helping people rather than taking away their dignity as you want to do... but you are right i was too bitchy and insulting to you but it was not personal.. since you signed nobody and gave no information other than insulting and demanding things of me. since you took it so to heart. i apologize if i offended you and by the way i don't have grandchildren that was hypothetical grand children as in in the future... how the world will be... and your comment on the 3000 people killed by terrorists in towers, don't forget the planes and pentagon... yes, i cry for them too and that is why i am pissed that osama has not been brought to justice and instead we wasted a year and all our resources in iraq and made more terrorists and more hate against us cause it made us look like we are going after all muslims since there were no WMDs.. I am furious at 9/11 terrorists and i am dissappoitned and feel let down by the US that they did not focus with resolve to get osama and wipe out the taliban and alquada instead of tearing down and now rebuilding iraq.. we have to rebuild now that we did the damage and those soldiers, money and resource should be working on alquada and osama and terrorism coming to our shores... so how dare you imply that i did not care... and the old comments... i am a good 15 years away from menapuase but thanks for thinking i was so wise that i was that old... again sorry that you got so mad that you felt the need to threaten me as you did at several points... and i apologize for being a bit bitchy but next time you insult or demand or assume you know a completel stranger who you just made your first contact with, say hi first and say who you are before you start telling them what they havent done and need to do. and i did not disrespect myself but i do apologize for being bitchy, for i have been having a bad few weeks and am just tired of insultiing little shits on forums and you got the full force of that.. i am leaving for a break cause my blood pressure has been high the past weeks and you just put it through the roof.

take care and i am sure your god was sleeping during this and did not hear the horrible things a good bible thumper like you just wrote about me and all these women in desparate situations.


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