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Simple facts on Sanctions
Posted by Paul Younan (Guest) - Saturday, September 11 2004, 21:45:40 (CEST)
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1)...nothing anyone has done in 4000 years has stopped nations who want to use them from giving sanctions.

2) any kind of sanctions, illegal or legal, dangerous or safe..the babies die...that is the whole point to sanctions.

3) illegal war and sanctions there is a percentage of soldiers who also die...along with the babies.

4)...legalizing sanctions and war is not the determining factor in whether a nation gets one or no.

5)..all legalized sanction does is save the life of the nation who gives them.

6)...making sanctions and war a crime and hard to get and dangerous will not stop sanctions and wars.

7)...making sanctions dangerous again will get soldiers killed again.

...for these reasons it is more humane, because lives are saved (soldier's lives), to legalize sanctions and make them safe and fun...saving lives is moral...saving the most lives you can is a good thing to do...and sanctions for fun and games and immense profit is here to stay.

-Paul (heheheh)


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