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=> another resounding flop....

another resounding flop....
Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Monday, October 4 2004, 1:50:33 (CEST)
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..they begged, they pleaded, they threatened, they wept, they invoked your dead children and grandparents, they promised to call you names if you didn`t and kiss you if you did...and in the end they got 860 people in the United States to sign their petition DENANDSING that America FINALLY protect Christians in Iraq..the same people these assholes have been paying money to the United States to bomb and starve to death. Is it any wonder they write and talk as they do?

They said the war was a godsend, that it was necessary and long overdue..they said Saddam was murdering them daily..that they were being thrown into prisons, that their lands were taken from them and their treasure lost...and yet no one in Iraq EVER did to them what the Western Christians have been doing.

And now we know why the more nationalist assholes are hated so...why they are the same ones who were run out of the country for an all too cozy relationship with the very people who are doing this to Iraq today...they and their cousins who couldn`t wait to go to work for the Americans when they landed and who yearn for contracts to "re-build" Iraq...who are the ones getting their just desserts..hauled out and shot or sprayed with bullets...even their children who EVER in 13 years backed away from killing THEIR children...all of a sudden SOME children are sacred???

They got just what they had coming...same they got last time...and just as the last time they`re beginning to cry to anyone who will hear that they are INNOCENT and always have been.

Look at what the damfools brought down on the heads of their own people. They actually thought a good way to secure their future in Iraq was to have Western Christians starve Iraqi children to death for over a decade and then invade the country and shoot anyone who dared defend his or her family and home. And now they are SHOCKED!!!

Talk about asking for it.


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