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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 23:03:23 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>Parhad thinks the Assyrians were waiting around for some illiterate, lizard-eating camel jockeys from the deserts in Arabia to teach them how to create yet another great civilization.

...never said that. I said the religion of islam was a far better fit for our people than Christ ever had a more vigorous approach and was on the march already when it came and saved us...and you too or else the eastern Romans would have killed you all as heretics.

...I said it was we who taught the Arabs how to make a great had happened in that region from time immemorial..maybe you heard of sargon the Great....does Hammurabi ring a bell? Both of them and others came with their tribes out of the desert to conquer thje city but were in turn conquered by the superior culture happened the same way with the Arabs...they came out of the desert with that primal vigor and were awed and entranced by what they Semite joined Sumerian to creat a new too did the Semites of Arabia under Islam join with BetNahrain to create a new Islamic one.
>Little does he know that all the Caliphs in Baghdad were of Arabian stock, specifically the Quraish tribe of Mohammad (curses be upon him.)

...The Caliph doesn't usually design or build....the members of Hammurabi's tribe also kept power in their hands at the onset...but the force and the glory and the creativity came from what existed already...better administration and military might was infused each time...but the essence of the Islamic Empire is pure BetNahrain.
>It's a little fantasy world he lives in.

..this, from a guy who thinks he's going to live on a cloud forever when he dies. Talk about your realist!!!


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