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didn`t work...dean
Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Saturday, October 9 2004, 2:45:31 (CEST)
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I mean your here`s your answer..this is irritating...

Dean wrote:
>And howbout the millions of people slaughtered into Mohammad? That's acceptable? one being slaughtered for any reason is acceptable...but I think this is more of your church`s way of explaining away their dim showing in that turns out that almost all of those killed by Muslims were Christian mercenary or Roman soldiers who were about as Christian as Bush is...that is not an apt comparison at all...we`re talking about innocent natives who welcomed Christian evangelists and got killed for their pains...Islam has no equivalent to you evangelising pains in the ass...I don`t buy church figures for ANYTHING...I want some other proof that the pagans Islam killed were killed for refusing Islam...and not for other reasons..also let`s settle this once and for all...the heathens and idolaters and pagans mentioned in Islam are NOT Christians OR Jews...let`s make that clear...give me an instance in HISTORY not Theology when CHRISTIANS were forced into will do...and remember, your statements count for nothing unless you have REAL church games.


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