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of course it was....
Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 19:03:03 (CEST)
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Website title: those who instigated it. The point of the war was never to liberate anybody or bring democracy anywhere...I still can`t believe there are so many who buy American Bonds at face value.

The value in this war was in DECLARING it...that`s where it was won too...for those corporations who got their free ride into our Treasury. The other benefit of the war is to create the kinds of people who will have a life long grudge against the United States...Our corporate people need terrorists like they needed communists...FEAR makes America what it is and has been since the 50s.

The Iraqis....International Law....justice etc....these are all tricks and pawns....what matters is that American millionaires become billionaires and then the race will be on to see who the frist trillionaire will be. It`s all a deadly game played for the benefit of the fewer and fewer number of insane men..mostly men...who run things. By the time we will have had enough and do something about it we`ll be so drained and pissed and bitter that the seeds for our next round of self-destrcution will be ready for planting..people have to look to their health well before they`re at death`s door...and that`s something we humans still haven`t learned to do.

Who`s playing baseball this week?


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