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the case against christianity
Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Thursday, September 30 2004, 18:54:43 (CEST)
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..never mind its content...just step back and contemplate its existance. You would be wrong to go to various parts of this earth and criticize people for their religious beliefs...which were made BY them and FOR them...which developed over time like the rest of their cultures from the interaction of the people with the mountains and deserts and forrests..from the numerous combinations of factors specific to each region and People that helped mould and shape their very souls. As wrong as if you condemned the Chinese for cooking meat and vegetables they way they learned to do and hence Evangelicized them into cooking as the Brits do instead. What a yucky night out at "Chinese" restaurants you`d have of it for evermore.

Surely there must be a "fit" between the Human and the millenia it took to evolve ideas and beliefs as well as biology. For this reason more than any other it is highly, highly unlikely that people would throw away what they developed THROUGH themselves over centuries, for something foreign, developed by people they never even heard of for the most part or, if they had, were hardly impressed by.

This is the huge Lie among many that Christianity fosters....and is at the heart of the immense damage it has done as well as a good deal of the explanation for why its believers get it so horribly and murderously wrong almost all of the time. The religion is NOT a natural fit anywhere except among the people in the region it originated with..and look what THEY are doing today.

It would have been as great a crime to Human psychology and natural development and evolution to take the religion of the Massai of Africa and force it on people all over the world. Regardless of its content or which religion...that religion NEVER entered the minds or soul of the people NATURALLY. It didn`t grow there to begin was inspired by nothing in their could as easily have been a religion from another planet as from Israel.

Christianity is a huge crime done against the Human Race...done to our children especially...and we can see where it`s taking us for the second time in not EVEN one century! Jews don`t prosletyze and neither do Muslims...only Christianity believes it MUST be right and will kill you to "save" your soul but more importantly, your child...and THAT has been its means of "success".


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