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the sissie factor
Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Thursday, October 7 2004, 17:45:02 (CEST)
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...just what is a sissie but another way of insulting a supposed male by calling him a woman..or woman-like? This fellow is very worried about his masculinity...such as it is.

The courage it takes to hold up the world, which is what women do, is miles above the "guts" it takes to kill the planet, which is what men do.

A man would blanche at the idea of giving birth...and getting pregnant would scare him silly. I still can`t believe the courage it takes for a woman to go out for walk, just a walk, when she knows she is about as open to assault by goons and thugs who DREAM about rape and humiliation and the "power" it gives them, as if women were ALL being stalked every day of their lives. That and the constant stream of insults and unwanted and unwelcome "attention" they seem to have to endure JUST for having boobs.

Who`s the sissie?


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