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Posted by aunty christ (Guest) - Tuesday, October 5 2004, 3:04:20 (CEST)
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..where the church left no witnessess or for other reasons no factual, non-biased accounts exist...these people believe in making up what they need...confident that no one will dare come out and say it...that they are LIARS!

There is no factual basis for the claim of millions and millions of converts...I wouldn`t be surpeised at all if what they did was take, for instance, the population of San Francisco, consisting of one million people...add up eighty years and come up with a population for San Francisco of 80 million in total...and then call it a MIRACLE to boot that so many people fit into so few graves.

I`m still waiting for SOME real indication of how these ridiculous figures are dreamed up...I`m not impressed by Church theologians, doctors of divinity and the rest of that bunch can whistle up Paul`s beehind for I care..I would have rejected the mountain of books written on the "SCIENCE" of Phrenology and how you can tell character by bumps on the head..I mean REALLY!!!

What Paul is confronting right now is what all Phrenologists with Phrenology degrees from accredited Phrenology Universities faced when people began saying..."are you kidding me or WHAT...."???

These religious claims and miracles and doctrines are so much hogwash and swill and that millions believe the world is flat still doesn`t make it that way....


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