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what is wrong with you people?
Posted by ashley (Guest) - Friday, March 23 2007, 0:39:22 (CET)
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parhad wrote:
>1)...nothing anyone has done in 4000 years has stopped women who want them from getting abortions.
>2) any kind of an abortion, illegal or legal, dangerous or safe..the fetus dies...that is the whole point to an abortion.
>3) illegal abortions there is a percentage of women who also die...along with the fetus.
>4)...legalizing abortion is not the determining factor in whether a woman gets one or no.
>5)..all legalized abortion does is save the woman`s life.
>6)...making abortion a crime and hard to get and dangerous will not stop abortions.
>7)...making abortions dangerous again will get women killed again.
>...for these reasons it is more humane, because lives are saved, to legalize abortions and make them safe and fun...saving lives is moral...saving the most lives you can is a good thing to do...and abortion for fun and games and immense profit is here to stay.

>9 ... it is time that someone stand up for the incoetn children that are killed everyday to do the fact that there mothers dont feel the need to take care of them... come on you guys if you think about what you do in order to kill a child... i mean this makes no since if you are willing to open you legs to a guy then what do you expect... i mean it is a blessing to bring a life in to this world so what would want to make you want to take it out... i admit that there are sertin reason when an abortion should be performed... but not just becouse your not ready to be a mother...


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