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=> whoa!!!! APRIM......BABY!!!!!

whoa!!!! APRIM......BABY!!!!!
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 2:08:56 (CEST)
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...well what do you know? Over at Pisheetas R Us they have Aprim as the moderator of their education forum...someone over there has a wicked sense of humor...Aprim?

I posted this...but as he's the moderator...good-bye post...I wonder if we can expect Paul to tell his moderators to play fair too? Probably not....

Well what are you going to do? Can you remove those who threaten your molehill of learning and intellect? I should hope not because Paul assured me this place had grown up enough to almost fit into the rest of the aquarium for rare fish no longer.

I have several things to pepper and hound you with..none of them vulgar so you can put your pants back on...relax. You present yourself as an intellect and hero of Assyria...but all I've seen of you in four years is your tail as you hightail it out my sight. I chased you all the way to Syria when you threatened to revela "facts" about my children on the a way to get me to go hide my head..the preferred tactic you all have used to clear the field so you LOOK like no one dares answer your nonsense...I guess it won't hurt to reveal how I did was simple..I merely recounted the time you and I were caught French kissing...tongues deep in each other's the toilet at the Grehound Bus Terminal in San Jose...that was all it took and you decided againt revealing ahything about my children...with the added bonus that you turned in your weepy resignation and left for a year.

So far you've succeeded in having moderators ban anyone who shows what a flimsy thing you are...and since you're the moderator here I expect you'll get rid of this real fast...but there are other forums here and I have a lot of questions to ask in those...see ya round.

Hope you kiss better than you used...I also hope you found better ways to handle intellectual debate thjan to offer to smear the children of those you are losing to...


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