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Aprim In The Woods...
Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Friday, August 5 2005, 17:14:50 (CEST)
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...does a bear shit in the woods...will Aprim at the Commonwealth Club?

The guy must be shaking in his grammar. I toyed with the idea of attending his lecture...sitting in the front row and blowing him kisses all through his murder of Assyria performance. I'd be sure to ask some questions too...fortunately they have a neutral party calling on Aprim couldn't avoid at least ONE question...but they're gonna destroy him anyway...without my help.

The few people I've spoken to aren't going...they feel it would be too embarrassing to witness in person. I won't go either...on his own Aprim will embarrass us enough...I don't have to add to our humiliation...I won't do that to us in public.

This will indeed be an Hysterical moment for us.


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