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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Wednesday, August 10 2005, 19:53:18 (CEST)
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...his entire speech is at aina...

Obviously he had a lot of help from brighter bulbs...he toned down the rhetoric and tried to appeal to reason etc. This was obviously new territory for him...I didn't see the word "martyr" myself, but then skipped over parts that I know by heart...looking for something new...I especially loved his "escape goat"...I'm sure lots more would like to do that. The English was passable and pretty clear...that is you knew what he was getting at...however the flip side is that once you understand CLEARLY what the boys becomes clearer that they ain't gonna get it.

He still calls "Arabs" any Muslims in make the case that, therefore, any Muslim in Iraq MUST be an Arab who came from Arabia and doesn't belong in Iraq...his contention that Kurds and Arabs came much later and therefore Christians own Iraq (that's what it amounts to) is trumped by the fact that all people who walk upright know that people move around and settle new areas and that the NEWEST ones are considered the legitimate owners of the land...NOT the oldest or indigenous people...and of course that the United Nations has determined for everyone on the planet that 400 years of continuous presence MAKES people indigenous and that to try to prove you are MORE indigenous than someone else is too silly for grown people to bother with.

this is his closing paragraph..."Democracy, in its basic form, becomes another form of autocracy if it stops at the limited definition of majority rule. While in a democratic society majority should rule; however, the minority must be protected.

...this is the "Firas Factor"...this is the WISH of any minority, especially one that knows it's going to catch hell soon. But it's no part of any democracy on earth...if Aprim is using the United States as his referant...the majority in America NEVER protected a single minority...and that's in a nation that was FOUNDED as a deomcracy which had its roots in the Europen parliamentary tradition and had the Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Reason and Enlightment in its recent past...yet, with all of that, there was slavery of a particularly nasty kind, women had no rights and the Italian, Irish and every other minority had to make do as best they could until the entire country matured somewhat and even then, there were major wars and upheavals before anything approaching FAIRNESS was achieved...never mind "protection" or "guarantees".

It's obvious therefore that to EXPECT Iraq to begin where all the others just barely arrived at is unrealistic as hell...especially when you consider that the majority in Iraq that is having thrse damands made on it is a Shiia majority...which, AS a majority, was previously harrased and harried by a MINORITY. This is the pipe dream and fig leaf all the boys use to hide their desire to have SOMEONE shed Muslim blood...more so because the majority of Muslims in Iraq are other words "traitors" to JESUS...not BetNahrain...where the boys have been faithful, not to Ashur or BetNahrain, but to JESUS.

In my opinion, neither Shi'aa, Sunni, nor Kurds are ready to be part of a true democratic society or practice democracy without the presence of a reliable system of check and balance.

...that is your opinion and let's hope the Shiia are more accomodating to minority opinion than aina has been. However and once again, in a democracy the majority isn't bound by your was more than half the voting populaces's opinion that Gore won the presidency..if it doesn't work here was it REALLY worth killing all those people in the "Hope" that democracy would do better in Iraq?

If the Iraqi constitution is to be based solely on the Shi'aa and Kurdish aspirations and ideologies, the Assyrians, the native people of Iraq, will inevitably continue their mass exodus until extinction.

..if that happens it will ONLY be because this war of yours handed power over to the Kurds and Shiia...who, under Saddam were Checked AND Balanced! The presence of a democratic form of government can only mean the majority Shiia rule and, as all democracies, can determine for themselves what they want to give to any minority...the 60,000 Christians who've fled Iraq were able to endure ALL the hardships you claimed they endured under Saddam...endured them far better than you could...if they are being driven out now it is because of what Christians have done to the country...not Muslims. If in the future they continue to leave at such a rate, you can still thank yourselves for helping push them out...they resisted EVERYTHING Muslim to this point...but they couldn't take any longer what Christians did to Iraq.

The disappearance of the Assyrian Christians from Iraq will the greatest loss to Iraq's rich history."

...not at all. Their loyalty to a Jew-based religion has cost the CHRISTIANS a great deal, THAT has been their tragedy...this is indisputable, though you still see it as having "saved" you all somehow...this is a very odd way to be "saved"...almost as strange as the kind of liberation you people brought to Iraq...however, the Muslim Assyrians of Iraq will do far better when you all leave. That's the one good thing to come of this war...and it was set in motion by YOURSELVES. It was your fanatical and unreasoning support for this war that did the greatest damage to the safety of Christians in Iraq...deny it all you want, because it is an unpleasant truth...but just reverse roles to America and a foreign population of Muslims URGING Muslim nations to attack America and you'll see how popular that would make any American Muslims...

For the first time in your history, Christians OUTSIDE of Iraq worked for the destruction of Betnahrain and now that the inevitable has want PROTECTION!

Fortunately the people you were addressing understand these things better than you do.

Thank you.

...don't mention it


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