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Assyria Martyrs' Day L.A. Report by Ivan Kakovitch
Posted by Buy One Get One Free (Guest) - Thursday, August 11 2005, 1:21:13 (CEST)
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Just dragged over Ivan Reports in case it just vanishes from AINA forum.


Yesterday, Sunday, August 7, a throng of around 200 Assyrian residents of Los Angeles Metropolitan Area had gathered at the Assyrian American Association of Southern California, AAASC, in North Hollywood, to commemorate the 72nd Anniversary of The Massacre of Semele, known as 'Assyria Martyrs' Day'. The other 14,800 Assyrians of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area just could brave the hurricane, the snow, the Sunday evening traffic and the inconvenience of dropping their favorite TV programs to participate in this, the only national event.

The gathering, with an assortment of refreshments began at 4:45 and went on, past 8 P.M. that evening.

It was purely a national remembrance day for the young and the old, and surprisingly, a much larger audience than ever, was noticed to include younger Assyrians participating in such an event, than ever before.

Ms. Shamiram Tabar, the President of AAASC shared the microphone with a variety of speakers - some long, and some short speeches - among them, Fathers Rouvel, William, and the newly appointed priest of the Assyrian Church of the East, Old Calendar. Also participating were Messrs. Ninous Aho, Yosep bet-Yoseb, Hanna Hajjar, Dr. Robert Paulissian and this writer.

A variety of themes were shared on the podium, and they ranged from prayers to poetry, and from graphically touching slides of the photos of the victims of Assyria at the hands of Turkish regulars and their Kurdish allies, during World War I, in 1915. Also sketches of history regarding the massacres perpetrated against Assyria and its inhabitants were authenticated by the able deliverance of Dr. Paulissian.

This writer presented a short recitative of the need to concentrate more on reminding the world outside of Assyria proper, so that Assyria, spread out throughout the world could zero in on obtaining their aid, rather than solace, in their quest to attain the Assyria Regional Autonomy on its own soil, and in its own country, Iraq.

After mentioning the recently filed Petition with the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate - totaling 540 recipients - criticizing the labeling of Assyria as Chaldoassyrian Christians, rather than a national identity of Assyria, entered into the Annals H.R. 2601 Amendment, in to the Congressional Records, the writer ended his presentation, emphasizing to denote that for the first time in modern history, it was the Regular Armed Forces of the Government of Iraq, that had perpetrated the atrocities of The Massacre of Semele, by annihilating and destroying some 36 Assyrian villages in Semele region, causing the deaths of some 3,400 direct and an additional 7,200 indirect deaths of the indigenous civilian population, on their own soil, and in their own country.

The Royal Iraq Armed Forces were unleashed not to quell, but rather to exterminate as many as was deemed necessary, civilian casualties among the Assyrians, so that the nation Assyria, would leave the area of its millennia-old ancestry, and seek its destiny elsewhere. Depopulation was the scheme, designed to destroy once and forever the claim Assyria was in process of justifying its survival within the framework of a Federated Iraq, as four-centuries-old Autonomous Region of Assyria, bestowed upon them by the Ottoman Empire, under the title of 'Millat System [National Autonomy]'.

The audience was made aware of the fact that of the 38 nations that had diplomatic relations with Iraq, not a single one severed its diplomatic ties with the later, even though, the massacre and mayhem of the citizens of Iraq, was an open and shut case.

The information pertaining to The Semele Massacre was excerpted, from the novel, 'Mount Semele', of this writer.

At the end of the session, two flyers were distributed among the audience, both prepared by this writer, and denoting an article called '72nd Anniversary, The Semele Massacre', published in Zinda Magazine of August 7, 2005, along with Registration Forms for the upcoming elections in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area for the seats of Regional seats for Interim Committee for the Government of Assyria (ICGA).


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