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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 15:58:12 (CEST)
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Bar Suroyo:

Not only Iraq, but another 38 countries that never severed their diplomatic relations with Iraq, after such a heinous act of 1933, including Great Britain and the United States.


...can you imagine what kind of world these boys dwell in? They expected 38 nations to sever ties with their OIL...because of a trifling thing like murdering 3000 people in cold blood. Which of those nations HASN'T killed that many more?

..if starving to death 600,000 babies is okay with you Christians...if Christian Germany can be forgiven its six million cooked and eaten Jews..not to mention the millions upon millions killed in their TWO world want nations to shun Iraq for Simele???

...I suppose when you were a kid YOUR injuries were by far the worst on the doubt your mother felt that way too.


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