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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Thursday, August 4 2005, 0:18:36 (CEST)
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...this Hanna giving one of his prooooves. He begins by saying a kid goes to America from Iraq and changes his name...get it? Then he finds out he has an inheritance to claim but can only do it if he "changes his name back" what it was so he "claim what is his"....his inheritance...get it?'s the finish...

This is in a nutshell the situatiom of those who call themselves Chaldeans and Syriacs now, they can keep on using their current names (and are free to do so), but by doing so they will forfeit their rights in north Iraq, on the other hand they could claim their Assyrian ancestry and demand their full rights and full inheritance in the land of their forefathers teh Assyrians, then the Assyrian oil will be theirs.

...this is known as begging the question... Hanna starts out this tale by asserting that the kid in question has RIGHTS to land in Iraq...because his "father" left it to him...that's supposed to mean Ashurbanipal left Assyria to this kid. This is exactly what the dispute is Hanna solves the problem before even bothering with the rest of his story...he just SAYS Assyrians are entitled to Iraq...

...just who they're going to claim anything from...or who has authority or any interest in giving them anything is unclear...because no one will or exists for that purpose. Neither Hanna nor anyone else has any "inheritance" rights to anything in Iraq...and I can prove it...he is tatooing in America...letting his "inheritance" be stripped from that any way for a kid to behave?

...his entire case rests on a big lie...that he or any of us are direct descendants of the ancient Assyrians who therefore have some sort of title to the land...we have nothing...that's why Hanna is in America demanding his property...while he lives on the stolen land of the indigenous people of America...when they get their lands back...we'll talk.


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