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Camp Auschwitz
Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 4:38:22 (CEST)
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...what is it with these Christians? What are they raving about? What "violence" in Islam? Are people NEVER to defend themselves from Christian wars?

Aren't these the people of the same religion that just 60 years ago murdered 6 million Jews for the FUN OF IT? Can anyone rationally explain today what those people and their children did to deserve any of it? Including the hair pillows, soap made from bodyfat and skin lampshades? Do Christians consider that a "trifle"? Is that something to to seek "closure" over? In their deployment against Islam should they "just DO it"? One MORE time?

Who has been MORE murderous in these last few decades than Christians? Who waged TWO world wars? Wasn't that Britain ruling India? How...with kindness? Didn't America kill millions of Vietnamese who never did a damn thing to them?

Tony Blair wants to throw out "violent elements" from Britain???? Why the fuck doesn't he get HIS violent elements OUT OF IRAQ???


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