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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 6:49:25 (CEST)
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Another servant against Cuba at Bush’s Court
Advisor Caleb

US President George W. Bush has once again rudely interfered in Cuba’s internal affairs after appointing one of his men to publicly coordinate subversive actions against Cuba.

This man is the advisor Caleb McCarry, who has been 8 years at the Committee on International Relations of the US House of Representatives, and is now transformed into a gladiator for Cuba’s democracy.

The creation of the post and the appointment of the entitled Coordinator were advanced in a document taken to light by Bush on May 6th, 2004, after its drafting by former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and other governmental officials.

That group received the cynical name of Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, and in more than 450 pages it detailed the way in which they conceived, firstly to destroy the Cuban Revolution and later to impose there a society cooked in the White House.

In Iraq they also appointed a US coordinator, as the foreman of a large property, but they first invaded the nation and occupied it militarily.

In the case of Cuba, he was nominated without doing one thing or the other, and even certain that if invading the nation they would face a much higher resistance than in Iraq.

Last Thursday, he was introduced at the State Department by Condoleezza Rice, before a public composed by US officials and people from the conservative right wing of Cuban origin based in Miami.

On that occasion, Rice stated that the appointment would facilitate and hasten the final transition to a democratic government in Cuba.

Caleb, on his side, affirmed that “it is the responsibility of the civilized world to act to see that the Cuban family is reunited under political and economic freedom “.

The Republican Congressman of Cuban origin, Lincoln Díaz-Balart, summed up the feeling of his people by declaring that McCarry is highly qualified to be the main implementer of Bush’s policy against Cuba.

This takes place when The New York Times has just informed that even relevant lawyers from the US Armed Forces have repudiated in writing the sufferings endured by the prisoners of the Pentagon in the US base in Guantánamo.

What would happen if Havana appointed a member of its Parliament to hasten a transition in the United States, capable of stopping the massive sale of cocaine, marihuana and other illegal drugs that take place in many streets of that country?

What would happen if Cuba appointed an official to accelerate a transition in the United States that would investigate thoroughly to arrive at conclusions regarding the electoral fraud of 2000 in Florida leading Bush to the Presidency?

What would happen if a transition were encouraged from Havana to solve the case of the 44 million US citizens without medical insurance or the shameful crisis endured by many US public schools?

The scandal of the White House would make the planet shudder and would alarm its closest allies in the sacred mission of spreading its democracy worldwide.

But they exhibit Caleb McCarry as a relevant server of a behavior which heightens the gangster acting to the category of official policy of Washington.

“Dissidents”, borne in Cuba by the US Government, were crucified with this. They have been left totally naked and devoid of a means to support themselves as such.

How may the aforementioned be viewed by the UN Security Council? Will the OAS make any considerations or will it continue to maintain respectful silence. Will the European Union react? Let us wait.
New York, August 3, 2005


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