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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Thursday, August 4 2005, 3:59:47 (CEST)
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...if one looks closely at the core of Firas' argument about democracy in Iraq being better for the Christians than Saddam was...that this points to a brighter future for see how much damage the sort of blind faith the church inculcates in place of rational analysis can do to young, goofy minds.

His entire "analysis" consists of anecdotal tid bits...what someone told him on a visit...what he expects might come true..and so on. he even cited TWO..count 'em...TWO Christian mayors...of TWO Christian villages...without mentioning that they were there when Saddam was, as Christians I mean...and that a mayor can't put want he wants in a constitution either.

Then he answers "why not"? my asking if he can imagine any Muslim voting for a Christian candidate...given this recent Holocaust. What do we call any one of us who sides with a Muslim? Do you suppose Muslims will be any MORE forgiving than we are? Would you be?

Their entire "hope" was pinned on democracy...why? Is it because they are thrilled with American democracy...thrilled because they can be petty tyrants themselves here...where they never could over there? And Firas' dancing around the distinction between "simple" and more complex, I guess, democracy...without spelling out what difference either would make...I mean that was the entire POINT to the discussion...what is REAL that Christians can expect...not what is ideal or might happen..not when you're going to stake the lives of innocent children...children whose parents were JUST as frantic to save them as Firas' parents were to save HIM.

This method they have of remaining locked in...closed off from challenging discussions...from a serious examination...for developing some SKILLS with which to communicate and understand communication in turn...with these dictionaries of their OWN they manufacture...all of this, in the name of "complaints received"...that justify remaining as ignorant as they if they would allow their children to avoid math class because the children "complained"...does nothing but keep them among the front ranks of the most ignorant and reactionary and cowardly people on the planet...and they want to tell us that they are Assyrians???

Christianity can do this to you perhaps...never Ashur. Just look at what we did under the guidance of Ashur and how lost, scattered, self-destructive and damned we are under the leadership of Jesus and his minions. That by itself tells the story...and yet, to carry the analogy farther...if Jesus and Ashur were doctors and the one produced healthy Assyrian children who built a civilization and the other drove them to their knees and out of their homes and cost them any vestige of pride or dignity...what can we think of the parent who prefers the worst physician?

There may something to be gained for a Christian in being meek and shoved around till he has to live at the mercy of the world...there may be some good to it because their Christian religion tells them the MEEK will inherit a paradise somewhere...but that was never the way for Assyrians, who built civilization by CARING tremendously what people have and how they live ON EARTH.


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