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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Tuesday, August 9 2005, 5:16:06 (CEST)
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...through all the persiflage emmanating from cranial fissures ( I can do it too) one descries a total flop of a VICTIMS remembrance day by WANNABE VICTIMS who just made sure to make a lot of other VICTIMS of Iraqis...Christian and Muslim...

...these people are a full-service phenomenom...they suply the poor bastards...get people to kill their poor bastards, then gather to weep over the poor dead bastards...and all go home and drink tea till the next contract gets put out on more bastards.

...a little bit of Ivan goes a long way...

"The Royal Iraq Armed Forces were unleashed not to quell, but rather to exterminate as many as was deemed necessary,

...what has the Royal British Army been doing to Iraq for 16 years? What have the American Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, Special Forces, National Guards and Contractors been doing to Iraq for 16 years? have they been "quelling" anything in Iraq or killing innocent people? Who JUST chased out more than 60,000 Christians who never thought of leaving under Saddam but RAN under Christian Jihad and occupation?

civilian casualties among the Assyrians, so that the nation Assyria, would leave the area of its millennia-old ancestry, and seek its destiny elsewhere.

...then why didn't they leave? And why did the Iraqi military stop? Why didn't they continue killing? Why didn't THEY chase out 60,000 Christians? How come all those Christians stayed right where they were till YOU drove them out?

Depopulation was the scheme, designed to destroy once and forever the claim Assyria was in process of justifying its survival within the framework of a Federated Iraq,

...there was no federated Iraq then and there never will mean a split UP Iraq in which you get a Christlandia...Christians stayed right where they were ,working and enjoying life in is the ones who preached sedition and took the part of the British attacking forces who left or were killed...Iraq merely killed several encourgae the rest to America killed 600,000 Iraqi CHILDREN to motivate their are wailing to people used to much BIGGER horrors than you ever dreamed of...the world could care less. The world is no different than YOU...ignoring the brutality heaped upon ALL Iraqis in hopes you'll win some sympathy and make your "point" and your proooooves for a Christlandia.

Why should the world be any better than the people in it?

as four-centuries-old Autonomous Region of Assyria, bestowed upon them by the Ottoman Empire, under the title of 'Millat System [National Autonomy]'. forget who ruined that for you was Western Christianity AGAIN...get something else through your pointy heads...NO ONE is going to put Christians on top of OIL FIELDS!

The audience was made aware of the fact that of the 38 nations that had diplomatic relations with Iraq, not a single one severed its diplomatic ties with the later, even though, the massacre and mayhem of the citizens of Iraq, was an open and shut case.

...there are many open and shut cases that stayed shut.

The information pertaining to The Semele Massacre was excerpted, from the novel, 'Mount Semele', of this writer.

...always plugging away ain't we?

At the end of the session, two flyers were distributed among the audience, both prepared by this writer, and denoting an article called '72nd Anniversary, The Semele Massacre', published in Zinda Magazine of August 7, 2005, along with Registration Forms for the upcoming elections in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area for the seats of Regional seats for Interim Committee for the Government of Assyria (ICGA). larger than life-size horse's ass.


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