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Massacre of the English Language....
Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 4:52:34 (CEST)
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Written by Kakovitch on 07 Aug 2005 23:49:53:

In Memoriam of the 72nd Anniversary of The Semele Massacre

To remember, spearheaded by reminding and acting upon,

....Ivan Ivan Ivan...what are you trying to say? If you "remember"...isn't the head of your spear already "reminding"?

is honoring the victims of Assyria throughout all the massacres, and to bestow upon them the title of martyrs.

...I had an uncle who died in the act of sex with a woman much younger...was he a martyr to his orgasm? Ivan...words have MEANING!!! They aren't silly putty to be molded as YOU wish. People who are murdered are VICTIMS...the are NOT martyrs.

..."victims OF Assyria", means people who were victimized BY that what you mean to say...or do you mean ANYTHING?

...congratulations...there are several thousand MORE victims you can safely bestow titles on...and there is one for you...Traitor.

To remember for the sake of remembrances and solace, is purely chauvinistic, a passive and an emotional reaction.

..that is NOT what "chavinistic" MEANS!!!! There is NO room for emotions in this?

Remind, lobby, act, and follow through with their ideals and sacrifices, so that they remain the Martyrs of the Nation, Assyria, in perpetuity.

..they HAD no ideals at the time they were murdered...they were AFRAID mostly...when will you learn that this effort of yours and the rest is such an obvious ploy for sympathy in THIS country? Americans do NOT use that is one of dishonor and weakness.

Denote that the Semele Massacre is historically recorded as Iraq Government sanctioned military operation against its indigenous civilian population. action it shares with every OTHER country on earth at many times in their history. Big DEAL!!! Twenty times MORE Christians were just murdered by CHRISTIANS! So long as you ignore them your remembracnce of Simele is a sham.

Ivan Kakovitch


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