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Minister of Electricity
Posted by Buy One Get One Free (Guest) - Sunday, August 7 2005, 7:13:19 (CEST)
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Website title: Iraq's difficult quest for a constitution (8/15/05)

With car bombs twice a day on average, temperatures surging, and a perpetual shortage of electricity and gasoline, the man on the street remains understandably skeptical. Yassin Nasr, a 39-year-old Sunni who runs a generator shop in the Yarmuk district (and whose nickname is the "Minister of Electricity" because he maintains a big generator for his neighbors, providing 15 hours of electricity to supplement the state's one hour), says his faith in the government was shaken by how much haggling happened after the last election. "The Constitution could tear us apart," he says. "There is no sense of brotherhood between the parties that came to Iraq after the war, and now they are the ones writing the Constitution." Still, he adds, the process of trying to work things out is crucial. That is, at least they're doing it.


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