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Modern Hate Crimes
Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Thursday, August 4 2005, 7:33:27 (CEST)
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Today, my friends and I (3 persons in all) were sitting down and talking about hate (what a bunch of freaks, right?)

One of my friends, a male, my age, was riding his scooter downtown in a wealthy, WASPy suburb here when some "tough guy" (who is probably a self-hating, closetted homosexual) screamed "THAT BIKE is SO GAY!!". Right. How would you know?

Then, I told him about my recent encounter. I was driving down Orchard Lake Road, where Chaldeans are well known...and I stopped at a red light. These young punks, white trash, driving a beat up car, pulled up next to me and screamed (to eachother):
1: "DO YOU KNOW what I hate MORE than ANYTHING in the world?"
2: "NO, WHAT do you hate more than anything in the world?"

(the light turns green)

(As they speed away, the following scream is heard):


So if this doesn't just make you smile, my other friend, a female, told me this story about a friend of hers. While she was in high school, this happened. 4 gay teenagers were driving in a car, which happened to have a small rainbow sticker on the back. Two "tough" guys and two girls pulled up next to them and started screaming and swearing at them...calling them Faggots, Cocksuckers, etc. So, the homosexuals drove away, and they were followed, tailgated, cut off, etc. Eventually they became scared, so they quickly turned left into a gas station. The people who were pursuing them turned around, came into the same gas station parking lot, and one guy got out of his car. He walked up to the car with the homosexuals, broke the driver's side window (glass became imbetted into the driver's face and skull), and then he spit in the driver's face, and drove off.

The innocent driver filed charges, but in the end, HE GOT A TICKET for making an illegal turn, and the hate crime perpetrator did not get any punishment from the law, because Royal Oak, MI is a "good-ole boys" sort of town, and the hate crime perpetrators have parents who are judges and cops in this city. The story even got national attention on 20/20, but nothing was done. Amazing. Frustrated, the driver eventually moved to another state.

I just felt like sharing this with y'all.


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