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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Tuesday, August 9 2005, 21:09:35 (CEST)
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...fascinating stuff...if you ever wondered what a Nazi rally was like...listen to any number of Christian ministers on teevee. Saw one guy go into a fit explaining how Muhammad was an epileptic..that when Allah communicated with him he'd start foaming at the mouth etc...and these and other things were indications that Muhammad was possessed by devils and evil spirits...just go back to Berlin in the'd have heard the same speeches from pary hacks about the evils of's the same people folks...only the name of the victim's religion has been changed.

Today you don't dare say these things about Jews any longer...but you can say them and anything else you please against Muslims...who are the "Jews" of THIS Holocaust.

People little realize the horrendous outcome and fallout of the Nazi era to the German people themselves...what terrible conditions they lived under for so long at the end of that war when the inevitable fruits of all that hatred and all those lies unleashed against the world when the Germans were living off of their past achievements came back to haunt them for real....Berlin was a city of the dead...children rummaged in American trash for food...there was no wood for fires...35 MILLION people were displaced across Europe...15 million found themselves in countries other than their own...the great experiment in purifying humanity ended in its near collapse in Europe...where this insane idea began...imagine today...if we push this Armageddon to its breaking point...imagine what a few nuclear bombs or poisoned water supplies could happened once, it can easily happen again.

Always remember that the hero, the Father, the SAVIOR of Germany turned out to be the one to almost destory it...the one who managed to bring all the concentrated suffering inflicted on innocent people back onto the heads of his own people, with a vengeance.

...keep it in mind.

WE are making terrorists and enemies out of Muslims...on their own they never even thought of such a's only after decades of flagrant human right's abuses in Palestine and the theft of resources that Muslims began to fight back...before being reduced to total be dismissed as the kind of people you could do ANYTHING to without their fighting back ONCE.


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