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Re: Bush's War on Humanity
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Friday, August 5 2005, 18:27:29 (CEST)
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Jeff wrote:

"I still believe that with all of the global power players, billionaires, and politicians that had a part in this war (and the first gulf war), if our measly people (whatever the fuck they are) would have asserted themselves in America in the late 80s, we could have prevented this mayhem... both wars. If our people were as politically astute as other communities, we could have held weekly or monthly rallies, put pressure on politicians, etc. in at least 3 states where we have large populations. And we could have changed or affected the public's opinion on the issue... it would have and could have made a difference."

Our people would never do that, Jeff, for several reasons, but the two major ones are:

1-They would have to give up their Christianity in order to focus on who the real enemy of our nation is. They have aligned themselves with Christian nations who are the power of this world, so it would be difficult to side with their neighbors who are not "Christian" and drive the enemy out of their country. And yes, even after all these years of "Christian" nations betraying the Assyrians, they are waiting to be rescued by them, just like they are waiting for a messiah to come and rescue them.

2-Our people came to this "Christian" nation and others to escape Islam. Here, and elsewhere in the West, they found COMFORT. Comfort in Christian ideologies, comfort in standards of living, comfort in safety and security, and comfort in numbness. And in order to maintain that level of comfort, they MUST keep that alignment with these "Christian" nations going, even if it means the slaughter of their own people back home, even it means exploiting their own natural resources back home, even if it means exploiting the "opportunities" that arise out of the attack against their homeland, and the pillaging and looting of their own heirtage.

"But instead, we cheered them on."

Someone who is "dead" in spirit can only be moved by other's "ideationalism", which are things that are not immediately present to the senses.


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