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Re: Bush's War on Humanity
Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Friday, August 5 2005, 17:26:13 (CEST)
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It's almost like a joke. Not real. A Burger King at UR? What can be more typical, more mindless? The destruction of the cradle of civilization? Does more than 1% of the population in America even recognize that phrase..."cradle of civilization"? Amazing.

I still believe that with all of the global power players, billionaires, and politicians that had a part in this war (and the first gulf war), if our measly people (whatever the fuck they are) would have asserted themselves in America in the late 80s, we could have prevented this mayhem... both wars. If our people were as politically astute as other communities, we could have held weekly or monthly rallies, put pressure on politicians, etc. in at least 3 states where we have large populations. And we could have changed or affected the public's opinion on the issue... it would have and could have made a difference.

But instead, we cheered them on.


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