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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 4:41:46 (CEST)
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Maggie wrote:
>"On Thursday, Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani said that "the Kurdish people have the right to secede."
>That's what Bush wants. He wants to break up Iraq in tiny little pieces so he and his pals can control it better. The more "axis of evil" they create, the better they can justify their wars.

...I was reminded this weekend by a pal of how useful having enemies is for bringing people together...he mentioned a string of incidents in Chicago a few years back when swastikas were spray painted on several synagogues causing Jewish leaders to "come together" and sending a shudder of fear through the Jewish community...after several such attacks a video camera caught the perpetrator in the act...he was a Rabbi.


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