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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Friday, October 15 2004, 11:49:15 (CEST)
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Wait it gets better.........I just realised what the likely story may have been.

King Sargon (Sharrukin) was a usurper. He was a general in the Assyrian army who overthrew the legitimate King and took over the reigns of power establishing the Sargonid Dynasty.

Shakkrukin is the Akkadain word for legitimate King a name that in itself implies an inferiority complex. But in light of the fact that most of the Assyrian Kings were divine in that they were born of the King and the High Priestess, then it makes sense that a usurper would adopt the name of Sargon(Sharrukin) and spread the story to validate his Kingship.

You see in the Assyrian story it follows logic that Sargon although not born of the scared marriage (Heiros gamos) is divine due to his magical birth to the virgin mother Ishtar and being found floating in a river.


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