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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Saturday, October 16 2004, 9:52:46 (CEST)
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>" father I do not know."
>Sargon made it very clear that he was a bastard and that his mother was a whore, a high-priestess whore.

......You just walked into another one. What Sargon is trying to show is that he was immacutely conceived from his virgin high priestess mother and representative of Ishtar on earth.
This very same immaculate conception was well known in the Middle East and adopted by the Jews to explain how Mary who took on Ishtar's traits and conceived the son of God who was born during the Winter Solstice (Dec 21st).

>The mother of a bastard is a whore. It is not the bible that calls Sargon's mother a whore....Sargon did it himself.

.......Now that you know the truth behind the plagarising of our ancienta, myths, epics, religon, culture etc you have a stark choice to make.
Either King Sargon and Jesus Christ were both bastards born to whores, OR
King Sargon was the antecedent for the immaculate conception and was using the story to gain divinty and secure his kingship which he took by force.

>This story has nothing to do with Moses...who knew both his mother and his father.

....Moses knew nothing and the writers who wrote his history knew our epics, myths and poems so well that they plagarised as clear as a lammasu's testicles.


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