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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, October 15 2004, 20:33:26 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>Khizmie Tiglath,
>Read the account again:
>" father I do not know."
>Sargon made it very clear that he was a bastard and that his mother was a whore, a high-priestess whore.
>The mother of a bastard is a whore. It is not the bible that calls Sargon's mother a whore....Sargon did it himself.
>This story has nothing to do with Moses...who knew both his mother and his father.'s interesting what you choose to bel;ieve ansd what you refuse....Moses never wrote anything and you have no way of knowing if he even existed...anything written ABIOUT him came also from sons of whores, more than likely...and thew Jews had temple whores and women..the quesisims and quedishots...I don't have Gordon and Rendsburg with me right now but will get the references for you...

...are you seriously going to tell us that a person is damned or damned inferior if he is a bastard?

The story of Sargon is written in OUR own words...and it is no acident that the Jews took Moses from it...for you to bend over backwards to prove it was a big coincidence...when we see all the other instances of their thefts..not to mention the shabby culture they developed on land no one wanted...which they then claim was CHOSEN land....tells more about you than Sargon and Assyrians.

These attempts of yours to slander what were clearly superior people by picking on them for being the best at their game in THEIR day...while you cheer on the out and out murder of Assyrian descendants of the Muslim AND Christian Faith today...under our noses and illegally too...for no cultural benefit whatsover but rather for the private gain of a few corporations...all of these attempts of yours merely underscore what Tiglath pointed out about how sick you have to be to believe in a religion and a president too who are killing and encouraging the killing of our own children...thank you.


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