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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Friday, October 15 2004, 0:32:31 (CEST)
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Let's not forgot that in Sargon's account the wind was blowing south-east whereast in Moses account it was blowing ONLY east. That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Moses version was orignal.

Are you kidding me?
First off Sargon's mother who was the high priestess of Ishtar was a virgin and would only make love with the divine son of god the King of Assyria during the heiros gamos ritual conducted at the Spring Equinox. She was the Goddess Ishtar on earth. That explains the concept of the virgin and the trinity.

Stop labeling our women whores like the parochial plagarising Jews.

If Sargon's mother the high priestess was pregnant with Sargon then she may have been avoiding it becuase there may have been another King she had given birth to the years prior to Sargon's birth. According to Assyrian custom onlyone of the sons of the King could rule whereas the other may have been destined for the gelder's knife and life as a Eunuch.

So Sargon's mother was protecting her son, who would go on to become the legitimate King of Assyria from losing his manhood...another custom they took from us but practised on all their sons.


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