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Re: Maggie! Your interrogation awaits you. ENTER NOW!!
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 4:05:19 (CEST)
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Good Morning Assyria with Ado M. Lauer:

Maggie Couric-

I recommended your show to a few twenty-something-year-old Assyrians out there. The recommendation was based on the fact that you are able to speak both English and Assyrian without an accent. These little smart bastards end up e-mailing me a bunch of questions. You see what eduMacation does to you? Annoying schmucks! Itís because of this Iíve decided to interview you for all to know a little more about the ďchick that can talk that has a talkSHOWĒ. Iíll keep it simple, but if anyone out there has anything to add go right ahead.

Thank you matt, I mean Ado

You better answer these questions or else Iíll be forced to ban you from having internet access and WILL burn down your house.


1. What is the general response to your show, neg/pos(details please)?

positive-Iíve been told itís one of the most watched shows because itís an educational program. I donít act like a Nazi, and Iím not a copy-cat. Everything I do is original.

2. Is it worth it for us to join in, are people actually watching? (this question comes from a Journalism major who thinks Assyrians are not worth the time)

You can tell people all over the world are watching the show because I get e-mail and phone calls from all over the world. People also send me gifts, clothes that I canít wear and things have no use for. I have even gotten marriage proposals. Can you imagine me a mail-order bride?

Itís worth to have ALL of Assyria around the world to hear what the young Assyrians are thinking, and feeling. The young Assyrians are the ones I do the show for to begin with.

3. Whatís your favorite film, Dog Day Afternoon?

Depends on the genre.

Treasures of Sierra Madre
The beautiful sun of the spotless mind
The Magic Christian
Akh Min Khimyanee

4. Why not invite people to debate you live on your show?

I do invite people to debate me on the show. Anyone is welcome. If you are too shy to sit in front of the camera, you can call in the second hour. You can also recommend to me what you would like me to discuss and I will research it and you call and comment on it. Your views are more important than mine.

5. Are you seeing anyone?
No, Iím not. Do you have someone in mind someone for me? You know, a damaged and emotionally disconnected Assyrian man?

6. Will you ever write a book based on your life and times as an Assyrian Female? And, would it be a Horror Novel or Drama?

As a matter of fact, I am writing a book on my life and times as an Assyrian female. But it will not be published till after I die, because it will be a HORROR novel, full of rich and colorful drama.

7. Can we have a show about your time spent as a humanitarian?

Sure, but you will have to call me on the air and ask me specifically to do that. Otherwise, Assyrians will say, ďTiwta bikhqara bíganoĒ. You know how Assyrians are. They are jealous of you even in that aspect. They donít like anyone who makes them feel small, or stupid, unless someone asks you to make them feel small and stupid..

There you go. To the forum mod here, may I have the access to edit Maggieís reply if I donít like the answers please? If your answer is no, keep in mind that I said PLEASE.

Oh noooooooooooooooo


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