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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Sunday, August 7 2005, 21:09:43 (CEST)
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Despite HISTORIANS and public opinion, the bottom line is the following:

-Japan, through their emperor, had sent messages as early as June 22 to Stalin, to try to negotiate a peaceful settlement to end the war, realizing their defeat.

-Stalin completely ignored this message and did not convey it to anyone, much less the allied forces.

-The allied forces, having defeated Germany, focused on Japan because they wanted to dismantle Japan's honor, culture and tradition, which is why they called for "unconditional surrender" through the Potsdam Declaration, announced in San Francisco.

-The U.S. not realizing that even AFTER dropping two atomic bombs on Japan within three days, and threatening to drop a third one on Tokyo, still did NOT make Japan "surrender unconditionally" meant that Japan did not want to dishonor itself by not surrendering it's GOD, (it's emperor, who WAS JAPAN).

-ONLY after emperor Hirohito begged his cabinet memebers to go ahead and surrender their god, the emperor, did the BIG 6 sign the surrender papers, and one of them committed Hari Kari for shaming himself into dishonoring Japan's Samurai culture. ONLY after realizing this, did Truman agree Japan could keep it's GOD and surrender the rest.

-Truman was FORCED to accept Japan's Samurai culture, realizing he couldn't possibly enhilate ALL of Japan off the face of the earth, lest he be condemned by the whole world.

Conclusion: If we do not understand and tolerate each other's cultures and way of life, and ACCEPT each other UNCONDITIONALLY, we WILL obliterate each other off the face of the earth, and the EARTH itself.


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