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Re: Soldiers bring Iraq battle to books
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Thursday, August 11 2005, 5:53:36 (CEST)
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Very interesting indeed. I d' like to read some of these books.

I have been following the diaries of one American soldier who's guarding Saddam. He tells of his daily routine, which consists of Saddam tending to his little garden outside the cell. He wrote a few weeks ago that Saddam's daughter sent her dad a box of Cuban cigars. Saddam gave one to Kevin, his guard. Kevin put it away and then found out that evening, the cigars are worth a thousand dollars each. So he decided not to smoke it, but to keep it as a valueable treasure. A few days later Saddam invited Kevin to smoke his cigar with him. Kevin told him he was saving it because he found out it was worth a thousand bucks. Saddam laughed heartily and said, Kevin, come, let's smoke. Tomorrow I give you three cigars.


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