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Posted by Kris K. (Guest) - Wednesday, August 10 2005, 22:10:27 (CEST)
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Americans don't ever seem to understand the difference between "right" and "wrong". Only what is "American" and "Un-American" and they somehow think that "American" means being "right". I was surprised when people actually supported and still support the war. That demographic is just tool to guide the ignorant masses. "Well since the majoritee of my fella Americans support the war, then I doo. Damn those liberals!" Who cares what the majority of America thinks. Ask yourself, what is "right".

Some of the funny stuff I have heard is:
"Bush is a great president. A good old-fashioned conservative Christian!"
"Hopefully this war will kill every Muslims."
"We (America) will never drop the bomb (nuclear) for nothing."
"It should be illegal to practice Islam in America."
"Assyrians will get their country back."
"Bush is da shit."


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