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Re: Tension is growing between Kurdish/Arab guards
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Thursday, August 11 2005, 6:07:55 (CEST)
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"U.S. and Iraqi officials frequently call on Syria to close their side of the border."

That will never happen. Most of the insurgents get into Iraq through Baath Syria. Syria's economy has always been depressed, and this to the people is a way of making money.

"But the smuggling problem also has roots on the Iraqi side. Some Iraqis in the area consider their ties to the government second to those with their fellow tribesmen, who live on stretches of land that cover both countries."

Exactly! I grew up in Khanequeen, which is on the border of Iraq and Iran. Persian smugglers would smuggle in any thing you wanted, including human cargo. Some of them lived on the stretch of land between the two contries, and they have never known any other home.

"It's not a geographic boundary. It is a political boundary where the British and French divvied things up" after World War I, said Capt. James Pavlich, an intelligence officer from Pinetop, Arizona."

I'm glad they know that it's a ficticious line.

"In one Sunni Arab Iraqi border town, the local sheik also oversees villages in Syria, often crossing the border to visit family, U.S. soldiers said."

Right. Try to take that away from these people.

"(Insurgent) forces within their towns are still their people. There is tremendous cultural hesitation to provide information to an outside force," said Capt. Dan Ruecking of Elmhurst, Ill., a battery commander in the 1st Squadron."

And you think America can win this war?


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