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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Sunday, August 7 2005, 1:21:48 (CEST)
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"...I think it's an important thing to do shows we are ever willing to let bygones be bygones and try again to make contact"

It won't work, dear, because these people don't know what those words mean. It's either their way or the highway.

" keeping our eyes on the prize...and this time you don't have to submit to a specific moderator..."

You can only do that through insidesassyria. And believe me, they read this forum. Just like I know for a fact by some of the new posts, that they watched my show today, which was on 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima-August 6, 1945-2005. 60 years of Atomic misunderstandings and devastation. Sixty years has changed this world very little, but perhaps young Assyria will change how we deal with others in this diversity.


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