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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Tuesday, August 9 2005, 0:08:12 (CEST)
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...I said the same thing to a teacher who wanted me to write an "analysis" of a poem...I said that would destroy it...give me your fucking "F"...I'll keep the poem...goddamn schools..all they EVER want to do is make analysts and third-hand people of you...they take ideas from people and turn them into things children have to "study"...instead of leaving you alone to see who among us is a poet born, or soon to be, they get us all ANALYZING poetry...

as far as Shushan, the Mad Scientist...any one who sees Jesus is staring at the outside from a loony bin anyway. She's a "scientist" like I'm a Pentacostal. The Dr. Jekyl in her strains to make sense of it all...and when the strain gets too much, cause she's only doing the job with half her cookies...then Mr Hyde takes over and craps on the ceiling...but since Hyde only uses half HIS cookies, HE gets tired and pretty soon she's Dr Jekyl again, scientifically "exploring" the crap on the ceiling to see if it got their through a miracle or "science".


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