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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Tuesday, August 9 2005, 0:00:23 (CEST)
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We always lose something magnificent when we try to explain, describe and analyze something. Mere words cannot explain something as brilliant and as complicated as a blade of grass.

I don't need a freakin scientist's description of the complex properties of grass when I sit on freshly mowed lawn and smell it's intoxicating fragrance. I don't need someone on a fourm to tell me about the complex sugars produced in a blade of grass, when I can pluck a blade and taste the sweetness of it myself. I surely don't need a bunch of analysts to analyze the structure of a single blade, when I cut my lip putting a simple, tiny, weightless blade of grass in my mouth.

It looses it's whole meaning and my experience of it as soon as I try to name the qualities and attributes of such a simple, yet elegant being.


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