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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 20:23:17 (CEST)
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"...what a crock. The Saudi "king" dies and there might be a prices must rise...just exactly why his death should cause the Saudis to need less oil money is unclear..."

The poor king used to get up at 4 AM every morning and ride his camel to work. Once at the oil rig, he had to manually pump all day long, in the desert heat, with th sun blazing, and couldn't take a break or a lunch, until everyone in the world had enough oil to sell at a cheap price.

"it's like the coffee "shortage" of a few years back...producers merely stored the stuff away and said they just HAD to raise prices because the supply was less than the demand.."

The Salvadorean and the Guatemalans had to be killed by death squads because they refused to turn their fields to coffee plantations. It turns out Americans were planning on opening Starbucks on every corner in the United States, and they needed that damned coffee and all the cheap labor they could get. So they stored in big barrels and told everyone there's no more coffee. They waited for opening night and sold each cup of coffee for five bucks. Five bucks, star bucks.........what's the damned difference.

"or like Enron's scheduling repairs on almost all its power plants at the same they could have an excuse to shut them there'd be an energy "shortage" all cases the supply is manipulated to justify an "adjustment"..which means we get screwed."

They created energy shortages in California only. The plan was to humiliate Gray Davis and make him look incompetent in dealing with the energy crisis. That way California can recall him and install the Terminator. This is how they were able to break the Democratic machine in California.


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