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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Thursday, August 4 2005, 3:40:42 (CEST)
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Maggie wrote:
>A truly excellent analysis. This is right on the money, because Assyrians can't conceive of any "Christian" being their enemy.

...I'll go even further...Christianity IS our enemy! I don't mean of course kindness, love, generosity and all those human ideals we share with everyone who ever lived...I mean the INSITUTION and what it has done to children to keep them loyal, dues-paying and sexually available...I mean getting perfectly healthy human beans to long for a Savior...a look to the sky for their REAL "life" scorn and degrade themselves and the earth while they are on has been especially humiliating for Assyrians because the Hebrews who invented this crud out their ineptitude and ignorance have managed to turn us against each other...causing us to do more harm to ourselves than than they EVER could have done to us directly.

..Jesus was a good man...among the best. But the institutions created to cash in on him have been our undoing.


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