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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Wednesday, August 3 2005, 22:06:56 (CEST)
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Maggie wrote:
>It was fun while it lasted............
>At least you kept Fred Aprim from posting his silly nonsense for a few days.
>And here I thought he wasn't posting because he was too busy preparing for his silly upcoming lecture in San Jose.
>Wouldn't you love to be in the audience?
>As a SPECTATOR, I mean.

...I was in an audience with him once...but as it wasn't at an "Assyrian" function there wasn't anyone there to protect took place at UC Berkeley in the Assyriology department..a lecture by the new head of the department...several of us were there...the usual suspects and over in the corner looking very he just got out of it...was Aprim trying to look thoughtful where he only manages to look like a headache. the end of the lecture Aprim got up to deliver one of those "continuous saga" questions he's famous for...the kind that go on and on without asking anything...till he finally wound down and got to the point...I remember the speaker making a quick adjustment and trying to avoid calling Aprim the ass he is...just to be helpful I raised a point that allowed eveyone to dissolve into laughter...and Aprim went back to brooding over the injustice in the world.

..he is the perfect scholar and activist for the boys.


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