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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 19:37:42 (CEST)
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Website title: you realize that Aprim gives a talk to an all WHITE audience tomorrow...not a convention audience but one made of the kinds of people who pay cash money to listen to serious speakers???

Has Aprim turned modest?

...there hasn't been a SINGLE notice placed anywhere...except at our thingie...NO ONE anywhere in Assria is mentioning it...if he was adressing the Assyrian Ladies Auxilliary we'd ALL be encouraged to show our UNTITTIES by attending.

What gives? No "Assyrian" has EVER done such a thing. Why the silent treatment? If Aprim is too shy why hasn't another of the boys who see action wherever one of them opens his yap mentioned it? Why isn't this a "prowd moments"?

I'll tell you why...the LAST thing Aprim wants to see in that audience is one of us...and no one WANTS to go because we all know how sensitive they are to being MOCKED and insulted..and the beauty of it is that, come Tuesday, APRIM is gonna MOCK the shit out of them HIMSELF!!!

This way "someone" can report later how "well it went" the audience rose as one person and yelled for an Assyrian Pubic Patch in BetNahrain!!!

...what gives them away more than this? They are TERRIFIED of making these outrageous claims in public...before a dispassionate group that's heard every form of sob story there is...but who want to see what YOU do about it!!!


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