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Shushan, you whacky broad...
Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Sunday, August 7 2005, 17:38:39 (CEST)
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Intelligent Design


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Written by Shushan on 07 Aug 2005 14:30:07:

Someone on a forum that won't let me post on... it says for security reasons...

...can't be our's...we take in ANYBODY!

is having a discussion of intelligent design versus evolution and I have to opine since that is one of my favorite topics. to, "I'm GONE"?

I agree that bible thumpers are trying to ruin this country's science education by making SCIENCE classes include intelligent design. I could see it in a philosophy class but not in a SCIENCE class. And we all know they would rather and are trying to take evolution out completely and that intelligent design the way they do it biologically is just a hodgepodge to make their every word God's.

...that was clear. I should think your very existance is proof there IS no intelligent design. Your atoms obviously came together at random...after a drunken night out on the town.

I personally see no problem with evolution's contradictions with the Bible for the Bible itself contradicts itself and its writers even put in many contradictory or inconsisitent duplicate and more versions of stories... so to me it says that the writers knew it was not scientific nor evne historically completely correct but it was the moral and spiritual lessons to be had from it that matter.'s morally corrupt far more than it is inaccurate.

Back to intelligent design. We can scientifically explain all biology including evolution, all chemistry including how the first chemicals of life appeared, and all physics including how the universe, stars and planets formed. you can't. You're as silly as a scientist as any bible thumper is at explaining anything. You can DESCRIBE how a blade of grass makes food from water, mud and sunlight...but you have no idea of HOW it does can say..."the combination of sunlight, water and mud, makes food"...but you can't say HOW it happens...the bible thumper gets around it by saying god can do get around it by saying you DESCRIBED the process...but neither of you can touch the real method. can dissect the brain all you want it to death...but you can't say HOW a few ounces of solidifed cottage cheese can think about itself.

The ONLY thing we can't explain is why the Big Bang happened, what caused it, and why the universe it created had just the right fundamental physics constants like ratio of strong to weak force, fine structure constant, strength of gravitational force, etc. etc. all that allowed the physics that made it a universe where atoms and elements in the diversity and with the properties they ahve formed, that allowed suns to fuse and give light, allowed planets to form to allow the atoms and elements to react to create the chemistry of a planet which is a chemistry of life... and life that started from microscopic bags of chemicals to billions of years of evolution to be the diversity of creatures including this thinking feeling breathing one... no miracle in any of the physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, history etc... the only miracle and in my opinion the only hand of "God" needed was to define the initial conditions of the big bang including what caused it and the fundamental physics constants... and that might have been a random factor that infinite universes have different combinations and herein this one we dwell to ponder it... our intelligent design. haven't explained anything...only displayed your hubris. You know no more than the bible thumper. No one can explain a rose...why it should be a rose...why it should exist at all...and any intelligent person...any spiritual person would not even TRY, they'd just make sure to appreciate and respect a rose...what he or she WOULD do is figure out another way to get around without destroying the air and water and soil a rose needs...and when it comes to science understanding is as stupid as a bible thumper telling us god made the rose.

My opinion if anyone finds it interesting ;)


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