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Posted by Paul Younan (Guest) - Sunday, October 17 2004, 17:11:04 (CEST)
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Khizmie Tiglath,

You are jumping all over the place. You need to make up your mind first which biblical story supposedly plagiarized the fake story of Sargon the Bastard.

You initially stated that the story of Moses (the legimate child) was plagiarized from the story of Sargon (the bastard.)

Now that I conclusively demonstrated that the two stories were completely unrelated, you are trying to switch biblical stories to that of Maryam and Meshikha.....which has even less parallel to the bastard Sargon's story than Moses does.

The truth of the matter is that none of your options is valid. You first set up your scenario as if it were a true statement, then you proceed to give us (only) two options, none of which are applicable seeing that your very premise is faulty.

The story of the conception of Meshikha has nothing to do with Mesopotamian kings and their high-priestesses doing the nasty and creating "semi-devine" offspring.

Meshikha's father is not a king, and his mother certainly isn't a pagan high-priestess. And Meshikha certainly was never set afloat in a river.

Sorry. I'm not impressed either by the title or the substance of your post. Try again.



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