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Wellfed could SCREAM...
Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Sunday, August 7 2005, 3:40:46 (CEST)
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...and stamp his foot!

An Editorial by Wilfred Bet-Alkhas

Who Speaks For Assyrians Now?

...let me guess...certainly not spoke for BUSH all these years.

With the release of the draft copy of the Iraqi constitution in a recent edition of the al-Sabah newspaper in Iraq, our publication junked its policy of forbearance toward the U.S. government.

...I'm sure after you were gang banged in an alley you lost your patience as well...the real issue is what were you DOING in that alley to BEGIN WITH???

Our patience is no longer productive as we are slowly witnessing the formation of an Islamic Republic in the Fertile Crescent.

...go back and review your foolishly "cheery" promises and HOPES that this war would be the answer to your prayers because it would get RID of a dictator and get you was only a few weeks ago you were STILL gushing over the possibilities and little asshole!

Now we are demanding

...oh fuck YOU and your demands!!!

a series of global last-minute, pre-constitution ratification protests that can reverse the process of our people's separation into religious groups (not ethnicities or nationalities) and varied representation in the Iraqi government, which can lead to the disintegration of a politically able coalition in the parliament. to Firas..he sees great hope yet. Our own Polyanna. What was that word you used..."ratification"? Seems to me we just had that discussion...I told Firas that you could suggest anything and have anything put in the DRAFT...but when it came time for the would be OUT! How can you have a politically "able" coalition anywhere in Iraq? What are you TALKING about? You're as vague and ephemeral as you were two years AGO! How can ONE democractic Iraq with an overwhelming number of Muslims in the any place for YOU?

The majority of Assyrians supported the Gulf War and the occupation of Iraq by the U.S.-led Coalition forces in 2003.

...they most emphatically did NOT! Just as most Christians did NOT support the Levies...because they knew what it would mean...YOU supported Bush because you've gotten a taste for white ass.

Since then a new period of persecution of the Iraqi Christians and Assyrians in particular began. forgot to mention the murder by starvation of thousands of Christian children...who don't count for anything with you people yet. There is no persecution going on in Iraq...collaborators are being they would be anywhere...Muslims as well as Christian collaborators are being summarily George Washington would have been by the British and Benedict Arnold would have been by the Revoluntionaries...what's the big deal?

...the treatment of the Christians under Sharia law also isn't will be PROSECUTION...only done in the streets as well as was in the humungous idiot, that a democracy in Iraq would simply mean the majority rule of the Shiia..the most fundamental of all...therefore this will be the new LAW...and breaking the drinking booze ot having your head uncovered will be a CRIME..and people get PROSECUTED for their crimes..NOT persecuted.

Between 2 to 6 weeks before the final ratification of the new permanent constitution of Iraq, Assyrians remain uncertain if they are to become citizens of yet another Islamic Republic or worse yet, the unarmed victims of a disastrous civil war that could easily dwarf the calamities experienced in Lebanon.

..let me put your little, small, teeny but well oiled mind to rest...the Christians of Iraq, not YOU...will experience BOTH! You have any idea how much money there is in selling weapons to BOTH sides in a civil war? You can now claim to be "surprised" at the outcome of all your prayers and fervent wishes...but that's only because you are a born slimeball without an ounce of integrity.

The U.S government refuses to help the Assyrians directly and therefore no reconstruction funding is provided for the Assyrian villages. would be WORSE if they helped them believe me. After this intro to their next Holocaust...cheered on so stridently by you, with your PROXIMITY to the White House where you would be HEARD...anything at ALL that points a finger at the Christians of Iraq will remind the rest of the people there just WHOSE religion is the really violent one. YOU have set those people up to suffer what should be YOUR fate!

In the meantime, every village occupied by a majority of Kurdish population around the Assyrian towns are constantly receiving aid from the U.S. government.

...well of course..the Kurds are are "martyr-makers"...they don't NEED to help you do your "national job"'re managing that quite well on your own...America wants FIGHTING Kurds to pit against the Shiia and Sunni...the Christians there will become...what is that word? You know...the one you already used to describe the poor unfortunate Christians...ah...oh yes...the Christians of Iraq will just be collateral damage...SOMEONE has to play that part...take Uncle Sam's bounty and shut the fuck up.

A quick trip to any Moslem village around Mosul

...a VERY quick trip.

will attest to this fact, consistently denied by the pencil pushers at the State Department and the USAID office in Washington. my...the "opportunities" turned out not to be so golden after see, you are not people of go where you think the butter will be thick...regardless of who's killed or robbed to make you fat and sassy...for some strange reason you, that's not right, you don't HOPED that somehow the United States would do right by Britain's "littlest ally". And now that they haven' lost "faith". You never do what is try for what might WORK...and they aren't the same thing at all.

..ignorance is no excuse...there were PLENTY of signs clearly there before your nose to tell you that THIS would be the outcome...YOU have helped set those people up...YOU have encouraged the murder of Christian babies..YOU have caused Christians to flee...60,000 and counting, Christians who were able to take ANYTHING a Muslim dished out and hang on, who finally left because of what CHRISTIANS did to Iraq. THIS has been the outcome of your stupid fucking "zine".

...squirm, you little bastard...squirm.


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