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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Wednesday, August 3 2005, 22:47:31 (CEST)
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Written by Ben on 03 Aug 2005 19:25:14:

Michael David:

You wrote:

"I would like to state that I still know that nestorians, chaldeans, syriacs, maronites, melkites are the same people. [suryoyo] and for those who now will try to designate the suryoyo name to the assyrian or to the arameans, please give it a rest. and don’t bother to try to explain it for me due to that I'm well aware what both sides is saying."

The names you have mentioned Nestorians, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Maronites and Malikites are religious designations. Like Lurheran, Catholic, Protestant and Baptists they are not national identity.

...neither is Christian.

When are going to learn the difference?

....what have you learned recently?

The problem is our people can't distinguish between their religious denomination and national identity and our clergies are exploiting their loyalty to fool them in believing that they are of a different nationality because they belong to this or that church.

...and you are there trying to tell them that so long as they are all Christian...they can be are trying to fool them into believing being Christian but NOT sectarian, makes them "Assyrian"...what's the difference?

The term "Suryoyo", Suraya means nothing unless put in historic perspective. There has never been a country known as Suryoyo or Suraya.

...there isn't one now on any current map that is "Assyria"...yet you all yammer as if there SHOULD smart is that and what's the diffference?

The two terms have been used along side Athurye or Assyrian in reference to our people in Mesopotamia.

...who are of all religions...when will you learn that?

We need to realize that Syrian, Suraya and Suryoyo have been used by the Christians of Mesopotamia, christians of Syria and Christians of India. These people are not all the same and do not have the same national identity or heritage.

...they are all the SAME religion...who gives a shit WHICH sect. Their only legal and recognized national identity will be determined by what ACTUAL nation they belong that so hard to learn?

We need to realize that Suraya and suryoyo when applied to the Christian of Mesopotamia means Assyrian, it doesn't...YOU just said religion is NOT national identity...did you forget already?

When Applied to Arameans it means Arameans when applied to Indians mean Indian. We can not claim that we are Indians or India is our homeland and has something to do with our heritage or history. you can't claim Islam has anything to do with denying Assyrians their "nationality". It works both ways.

If our homeland is in Mesopotamia we can not claim that we are Arameans whose historic homeland is in Syria and we have never been part of it. Unless we are willing to make such distinction we will be considered a people of unknown origin by the rest of the world. The people of the world know your are born in Arabic SPEAKING countries or Muslim ones...therefore you are known to the world as Christian can talk till you're blue in the face...the world is not impressed...the people making thrse claims are all Christian nut jobs trying desperately not to be lumped in where they along with are no Assyrian for being Christian.

We have called ourselves Assyrians alongside Suryoyo and Suraya. We have lived in our homeland of the Assyrians since before christian era. was the homeland to LOTS of people, including the Arabs...who've been there, as Muslims for 1,300 years...TWICE as long as you Christians were...before Islam came...those people have EVERY right to claim BetNahrain as THEIR homeland as the world well knows. Yammer all you want to...where do your words count EXCEPT in your own ears?

The name Assyrians is presently being denied by a segment of the Syrian Orthodox church and the Chaldean Church only for religious reasons. In denying their Assyrian identity members of the syrian Orthodox church and the Chaldean church are making it easier for our people to call themselves Arabs, Kurds, Persian, turks and whatever.

...which is what they you are also a whatever. It suits your vanity to deliver over the glorious heritage of the ASHURians to your pissant jew god as one of those burnt offering that madman of a god loves so much...but you shan't get away with it.

Armenians call themselves Hye or Hyeren, they are knon as Armenians yet are smart to know that the the two names are equal. Why can’t we realize that Suryoyo or Suraya when applied to christian of Mesopotamia means Assyrian?

..because you deny that right to people based on their religion, when YOU don't like their religion...therefore religion is your ONLY test for a "nationality" started live with it.

Even the Syriac Orthodox church Patriarch Mar Ignatius Zakka I has the gulls

...he keeps birds?

to call our people christian Arabs.

..because that's all you are.

Most of the members of the Chaldean church already identify themselves as Arabs. When you confuse the identity of a people to glorify your religious denomination you are disposessing them from their true history,

...this is what YOU are trying to confuse people by claiming that since you speak the language of the Arameans and follow the religion of the MUST be "Assyrian"...come again?

heritage, homeland and culture, making it easier for them to assimilate in other nationalities.

...your children will be Americans all the way...what are you talking about?

To show you how stupid this denial of our Assyrian heritage is; no is your CLAIM of an Assyrian heritage that is ridiculous.

the Kurds and Arabs and Turks are happy to claim our homeland and history as theirs

...because it IS...silly.

while our own people of the Chaldeans church and part of the Syrian Orthodox Church will reject their Assyrian identity so that these other people can have it.

...not everyone in BetNahrain was Assyrian...there were Chaldeans and Babylonians, Hurrians, Arabs, name it...there were Sumerians, Amorites, is it that from all those people from so long ago ONLY you "Assyrians" are here to give us headaches today? EVERYONE else was "assimiliated" into something else BUT you...really? You say only you "held out", by becomming JEWS??? Your Judo-Christianity has had the word "Assyrian" added to it, that's all. Who do you think that fools?

Consequently our people will end up with no identity, no history, no heritage and no known homeland have none of those gave it all up for Jesus remember? All you've dome is tack on the word "Assyrian" to your Jew-based faith...and you wonder why no one buys it???

because they did not want to call themselves Assyrians. How smart is that?

...because they are NOT. As you are NOT! It would be DUMB of them to call themselves "Assyrians".

...A Jew can't throw yahwe out and claim to be MORE of Jew...the only legitimate Assyrians anywhere are those who follow their original god...just as you'd consider someone who abandons Christ a NON-Christian from that day it is when you abandon Ashur. Is THAT so hard to understand? are NOT "ASHURrian" any longer...not unless you make a TRUE nationality out of "Assyrian" which case ANYONE can be Assyrian...they can be born in it, or migrate to it and become you all INSIST on doing in America...they can be of any any language, burn any flag, dislike any government, say anything they please...what you CAN'T do is make up a silly assed "litmus test" based on YOUR prejudices for what an "Assyrian" can be. Oh...and one more thing...anyone who ENCOURAGES another nation to attack our homelands of Betnahrain...can NOT be an Assyrian from that day on...unless he wants to be known by the name used to describe ANYONE who encourages such an attack on their country...TRAITOR.

It's really very simple...can't you learn it?

Ben fish?


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