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Posted by Buy One Get One Free (Guest) - Sunday, August 7 2005, 7:54:46 (CEST)
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Website title: glassdog: "Fuck The South"

HAHAHA..... i love it when conservatives from south open thier mouth.. Its full of church and bible bullshit. When the liberals talk you hear science, when conservatives talk, you hear the bible. Well i got news for you. FUCK you and FUCK the BIBLE and FUCK JESUS. Go FUCK yourselves with your church and we kicked the shit out of you mofos once, we are glad to do it again. Go to university and get an education you church loving anti-woman, anti-human rights mother fucker. I cant wait till i kick the living shit out of jesus dirt bags like you. SHUT YOUR TRAP you southern racist NAZI MOFOS.

Posted by betoche at November 15, 2004 12:13 PM

And then Edi said:
Ok, no more affirmative action and blues get browener. So what? Unlike you red state pussies we don't fear blacks or gays. Unlike you red state pussies, we get the better education, higher education, and all around better qualities of life. The brains would flow to the coasts because thats where the best jobs are, thats where the best schools are, and thats where the majority of money would go after a blue/red state split. Who do you think subsidizes you fuckers? A society based on tolerance and freedom is what the United States set out to be until it got hijacked by people who's version of equiality is "i want a whole range of diverse people who all worship my lord". So, please, go away. Have middle america all to your fucking selves and see how much money you'll have on defense and education and roads after all those tax cuts and spending bills. Shit, at least then we won't be paying for it. Go fuck off you intellectually lazy, homophobic, racist, bible-thumping, white trash asshole.

Posted by Edi at November 16, 2004 12:37 AM

And then Jersey Girl said:
I fucking hate the south. The south should be their own fucking country. All it's filled with is a bunch of backward racists rednecks. I agree with Edi , they need to go get a fucking education. Ah ignorance.

Posted by Jersey Girl at November 17, 2004 07:06 PM

And then Jason said:
Jersey Girl. You are just stupid Jersey trailer trash. LOL!

Why did they create the state of New Jersey (aka The Garbage State)?

Answer: So West Virginians would have someone to look down on.

New Jersey is the asshole of this country. If we ever give ourselves an ennama, we'd stick the hose in NJ.


Posted by Jason at November 18, 2004 07:41 AM

And then Peter said:
I really wonder why conservatives/Republicans/Bible thumpers can't spell! See Jason's comment where he spells enema "ennama". What the hell is wrong with you flakes? You buy too many bibles but never a dictionary. You can see many other conservative bozo mispellings in hate mail posted to And these are the people who decide the course of our country!! Boy, are we in trouble!!

Posted by Peter at November 18, 2004 12:00 PM

And then tv3 said:
Dear W, red states and southerners,

Fuck off you fucking fucks. You're fucking with my shit. Keep this shit up and this blue state boy is going to fuck you up. Just watch.


Posted by tv3 at November 18, 2004 10:15 PM

And then ian said:
ray, fuck you and your retarded views. chances are youre just some fatass 23 year old who gets a kick out of playing unreal tournament and beating off to klingon porn. the problem is is that its not that us blue states are crazy, its that were right, and fucktards like you are too god damn arrogant like youre crazy ass speaking in tounge homophobic minister probaly teaches you. haha im going to be laughing so god damn hard when us northerns get fed up with your bullshit and just leave you to die. we dont give a fuck how many military bases you have. only some god damn redneck would think that shit us as a "valid point." haha you retard.

Posted by ian at November 19, 2004 09:53 PM

And then Kit Collins said:
Don't like ? Take all those over represented, pip squeak states with you and leave.

Watch the door on your way out.

Posted by Kit Collins at November 22, 2004 07:49 AM

And then Kat Hamill said:
Jesus, whether or not he was the son of God, was a liberal. And a minority. So what was your fucking point, you asshole?

Posted by Kat Hamill at November 23, 2004 04:48 PM

And then Cox said:
Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger

Rocked, America blows all around, not just the south.

Posted by Cox at November 26, 2004 12:54 AM

And then Dipper said:
I say fuck the south, fuck the Bible, Fuck Jesus, and fuck you for trying to create the Xtian Taliban for this country. We are not one nation under God. We are one nation ABOVE God.

The Bible says that eating shrimp is an abomination. Many people eat shrimp without even thinking about the scriptures. If you can eat shrimp, then I can eat cock.

Posted by Dipper at December 9, 2004 02:28 AM

And then what? said:
How gullible are you?

Taken from
"Federal funds are no longer available to TVA, and existing legislation specifically identifies the funds other than federal appropriations that TVA is to use for its essential stewardship responsibilities."
"The power program receives no congressional appropriations and is required to make annual payments to the U.S. Treasury in repayment of, and as a return on, the government’s appropriation investment in TVA power facilities."

Posted by what? at December 9, 2004 09:14 AM

And then jon q public said:
aloha to you all this is funny so very funny wow, people letting loose, that means I was right when I said years ago that civil war 2 is coming.... how about that. With all this lack of love between humans and it take it american humans... that the sooner the next civil war comes the sooner we smart folk can come in when its over and pick up the pieces,,,, I wonder who'll be left walking around.....All I care about is all the homeless daughters left behind without their folks... plenty of unprotected chicks waiting to be snatched up by all the predators that kept out of it and then sell them to the higest bidder you fools dont even know what you're about to embark upon..... but its way too late to turn back now... so From reason to treason the country was started and from treason to reason so shall the country fall...... watch your children.....

Posted by jon q public at July 5, 2005 07:53 PM

And then kellmate said:
I love to read comments from idiots. Thank you yanks for giving me a good laugh. About education? Where is the first State University ever founded in this country? Do you even know the answer to that? It's in the South, but you don't know what state, do you? I'm not religious at all, and I live in the South and back up republicans. Why? Because our country would go to hell if republicans didn't keep it on track. And I don't mean Hell hell, I mean the hell where everyone is poor and no products are being produced and life is just plain shitty. I am so offended to see assholes who know nothing comment about a great place like the South. Oh, dumbass who thinks the founding fathers were blue, they were actually red, let's see, hard-working people? They're obviously republicans. And if you don't believe me, look up what they believed in, instead of just thinking that because they lived in the north, and the northern part of the south that they were democrats. If you even know what a true democrat is. Racists in the South? Oh my, because they all live in the South, right? The north has no racists at all. By the way, in the Civil War, we weren't just fighting for our right to keep slaves. We were fighting for our state's rights. A very republican ideal that is followed now. Look at some of the things the north was trying to impose on the South, and you'll see that it could never have happened now because there are laws against that kind of thing because of the South fighting. Please get your facts straight. Homophobics in the South? Never in the north, oh no! Get a clue dumbasses, there are ignorant people everywhere. I don't know if any of y'all(damn right I used y'all) are going to read this, but if you do, good. Maybe you'll have learned something. What a concept! I wish the people who had defended the South on this thing had been more intelligent and better able to defend us, but hey, do we really need defense from a bunch of dumbass, obviously uneducated people who have already posted here? Naw, I don't think so.

Posted by kellmate at July 6, 2005 02:48 PM

And then Blasph said:

Posted by Blasph at July 8, 2005 11:05 AM

And then The Devil said:
We should know by know that you Red State-Bible pushing hicks don't take lightly to losin. So what do they do....COPY the North...and get a website together called That sounds strikingly familiar to how Fahrenheit 911, then this obviously bullshit Fahrenhype 911. Seriously, How long do you think your going to get away with pulling the wool over your own people. Must you have all the guns,money,toys, and power in the world before you give up this selfish "Me Me" Bravado. How many more people must be belittled in your honor, how many more people must live without freedom, before your GOD will be happy? I haved to ask this question...Do any of you take the time and think about others, and what and how their minds think? Or do you think that everyone is wired to think the way as you do? You can fool the people around you, but you can't fool yourself, eventially Karma will catch ya. Dear "SOUTH" know your past and know because of Technology so does everyone can keep running from the truth, but it will catch ya. So get your BOYS together and get your propaganda together....publish all the bullshit you can find......but in the end the same folks you stepped on to get to the meet up on the way DOWN....lotz of Karma to ya!!!

Posted by The Devil at July 11, 2005 12:24 PM

And then Music Factory said:
There are no red states. Those are transparent states. Clear like glass. No color, no nothin.' See through it, boring, no substance, no depth, and transparent. As breakable as dollar store glass, and as useless as chards. Shatter it, sweep it up, throw it out.

And to those who insist on their "red statehood," I say, better dead than red.

Posted by Music Factory at July 20, 2005 07:31 PM
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