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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Tuesday, August 9 2005, 8:41:36 (CEST)
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Re: hello...chibo in rescue of parhad

Posted By: Coimpare (
Date: Monday, 8 August 2005, at 7:33 p.m.

In Response To: Re: hello...chibo in rescue of parhad (Organize)

..if your Mommy didn't ban me, so you'd feel brave...I wouldn't need rescuing by anybody...YOU would!

You said:

"If Christian Assyrians stood along with Christians of the West during WWI against the Ottoman Empire and allies, wouldn't you say we were Infidal?"

...I meant in the sense that to be among the people who kill and break your own Christian moral code would make you not "true" you yourselves say these sorts of murderers are not REAL that case you can hardly yell for the protection you WOULD get...if you WERE really Christian...when you rob a bank you are breaking a are not a practising can't very well say you are being PERSECUTED because of your religion...if you Christians play the part of traitor and bloodsucking thugs you can't very well demand you be treated as choir boys deserve.

...when you break faith with Christianity and are expelled from the body of the church you are also no LONGER a Christian...same thing.

It seems that you are either playing dumb, or are actually dumb, becuase you know nothing about the modern history of the Middle East.

...should you boys be attacking people?

Yes the Assyrains stood by the allies in WWI (who happened to be a mixture of multi religions).

...ahhh, the "Allies" were Britain, France and the United States...which are all Christian countries.

That was the only choice they had, beause they were being massacred by the Ottoman Turks and the Kurds, what would you expect them to do? Be allies with their persecutors?

...they were NOT being massacreed by anybody...the retaliation against all Christians began when the unjustified war against Turkey began...Turkey was the ONLY country in history to make room for all THREE religions...Christians merely killed ALL Muslims and Jews and declared "peace"...except they then turned their knives and guns on each other and killed more Christians themselves than anybody EVER did...don't forget that little detail when trying to slam one has been more bloody than you people.

...and now, with 9/11, you can see how paniked nations respond...after ONE attack on its home turf, the United States took off after ANY Muslims it wanted to...the LEAST you people could have done is murder Saudi children!!!

Having said that, now let's look at other nations that allied themselves with the western Christians againsy the Ottoman Empire:

The Arab Moslems were the allies of the Christian British and the Christian French.

...and they were traitors to the established government too who would have been killed if captured...fortunes of war and all that rot.

Would you consider that the Moslem Arabs are infidels too because they allied themzelves aith some Christians to liberate themselves from Moslem Ottomans?

...infidel is a SPECIFIC term in the refers to pagans, in other words NOT Jews and Christians who are NOT pagan. In a general sense, yes...anyone who breaks the strictest rules of a religion is drummed out. I don't know if that makes them aujtomatically pagan and therefore infidel...but you're quibbling...let's stick with "traitors"...that fits you better.

The Hindu Indians were allies with the British Christians,

...well, that's stretching it a bit...surely you've heard of the Raj? Britain RULED India at that time.

the Somali and Senegalian Moslems were allies witht the Christian Bristish and French.

...yes...and Christian Iraqis and Muslims too are working for the Americans this time around...and getting what all traitors and collaborators deserve.

And let's not forget that the Moslem Ottoman Empire was an ally with the Christian Germans! Would you call the Ottoman Moslem Turks as infidel too?

...that wasn't by choice. The entire war was a manuever to get at the oil fields....the Germans merely came at the Turks in the guise of their friends and allies against the other Christian nations...the Sultan was never fooled..not for a was a relationship of Hitler's pact with Stalin.

You need to study history before making stupid statemnts that make you look like a fool.

...seems to me you play that part better and are in need of some serious education...just one small detail...Tiglath and I have do not...are YOU also afraid of hit squads or mommy? Also, you waited till Peter got his head out of his ass and banned us all over again before you dared post your history...come to our place and let's talk openly about what you know...bring your mommy with you.


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