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=> dragging them over....

dragging them over....
Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Wednesday, August 3 2005, 21:31:35 (CEST)
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...I guess I just go inside and carry them out...

Posted By: Alfred (
Date: Wednesday, 3 August 2005, at 1:56 p.m.

In Response To: The Provinces, not whole Iraq, will be election centres (Bur Hawil)

Dear All,

Two issues,

1. Things are going to explode sooner or later

...said the guy already in pieces as he contemplated a match in one of his hands.

with all these conflicting and serious disagreements between various factions in the Iraqi government. There are very serious issues undergoing now with respect to the federalism, role of religion, role of the army and militias, role of the central and regional government(s), elections rules and even the name of the country.

...NO! You don't say!

2. Iraqi expatriates (all factions) need to commence immediate international strong campaign in order to gain the full support of their local government(s) reps and officials to pressure the Iraqi government and bring it back to the right direction of democracy. they go easy it is to to order strong campaigns...not that they ever get them but writing out "strong" makes them feel goodaboutthemselves. can imagine how much the United States wants a strong Iraq. This is what they went there of their main have Iraq split apart into three factions...Sunni, Kurd, Shiia is a dream come's much easier that way to use any one or two of them as a police force to go after whichever one America targets...they'll ALL be competing for oil dollars...they'll not be able to set aside the anger they've stored up to unite as one...the LAST thing the powers that joined in on this dismemberment want is to see a unified Iraq...boys never learn.

In other words, there is a huge burden on our shoulders as well.

...that's your rock-solid head you're feeling.

The first rational step should be to seize our endless insignificant arguments for a later time and focus on what can we ‘do’

..."cease"...oh intelliegnt one...NOT seize. These "arguments" are what you DO!!! There is nothing rational to begin with in all your ditzy claims and aims..the entire thing is whipped cream...a puff pastry filled with your "hopes" and "faith"...running right up against a reality you will simply ban.

and not ‘write’ or ‘say’. Let us try to find viable means for once and do our best to help our brothers in Iraq. already did your best when you sent America in there with your blessings...and now that the OBVIOUS and inevitable has want to help them some MORE??? Do them a favor...become their ENEMIES...this friendship of your's is killing them.

I am an Assyrian from Iraq baring Canadian citizenship and working in the US!

...does that mean you DON'T have Canadian citizenship or you do? And you wonder why you understand are NOT an Assyrian...if you are anything you USED to be an Iraqi...

Now tell me how I can be of any help for any genuine efforts in this regard and I’ll be there all for it within my reach.

...such pygmies can't reach far. These are feeble attempts to save face and forestall the inevitable...that you had your head firmly up your on arse all you all did. Iraq owes nothing to you and neither does BetNahrain...their curses are all you deserve. unjust as it is...because THEY didn't ask for it...this war will help BetNahrain in the long run if the Christians there are finally forced out. As long as there is "hope" for Firas and Kenfuck, those left behind can count on never having a day's rest but Firas and Kenfuck will be "helping their brother" an early grave.




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